Thursday, 4 February 2016

Never Underestimate A Few Moments Across The Sea

This is the end... of my stint of backpacking in Ireland and Northern Ireland (WARNING, because I'm lazy I'll be saying 'Ireland' as a whole). I think I might be starting off my posts with song lyrics for titles but that's not set in stone, and with that said I'll say something else; what's the story? On day two here I learnt this to be an Irish greeting, which neither Irish or Northern Irish have used on me, but I personally believe it holds some relevance to weirdos who write things.
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland (taken 2016)

February 4th, 2016 it is and I'm sitting in Jacob's Inn Hostel in Dublin, finding ways to keep myself busy before my flight to Madrid tomorrow afternoon. Options on the table included watching Kill Bill Vol. 2 from a far (asocial introvert here), lie on my bottom bunk bed and stare at the bed above me or get something down for the peeps back home and around the world (the number of countries viewing is growing and I like it). Obviously the whingin and bitchin has won out!

First of all, I AM WRECKED! The Emerald Isles, a much desired spot to see for a long time have come with their ups and downs. Some downs worth hating on include a dodgy bus ride from Galway to Dublin which had me convinced I was going in the wrong direction, the bank back home acting as an all to unwanted headache and a guy in the Belfast hostel who displayed THE most unhealthy snoring I've ever heard (the night receptionist was merciful enough to move me and two others to another room). That's the worst of it... for now.

Now for the ups. Ireland has been one of THE BEST experiences of my life! I AM NOT BUNGING THIS ON KIDDIES! It's been hilarious, sexy and inspiring. My quill is going to be busy for some time to come, and I deem this appropriate because Ireland is a land of storytellers.
The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland (taken 2016)

I've seen so many beautiful and natural sights which I'm sure I'll never see anywhere else in the world. The most impressive of which are the Cliffs of Moher, Connemara and the Giant's Causeway. The three cities I've walked through (Dublin, Belfast and Galway) have each displayed their own unique character also. Those extra doses of chlorine were worth it!

The people over here have been a mixed bag at best. Irish tour guides are interesting and funny and aren't afraid to damn their country's architects; I'm going out there to say they're outshining the others I've had around the world. Apologies but it's true! Next to them, not only did I meet up with a friend made years ago on another adventure but the ones I've met on this one have been nothing but kind and amusing and down right welcoming on the spot. This introvert is nothing but thankful.

These are the positivos I love to share with others, and this blog thing I write is making it more and more easy to get them across. On the last epic stint of adventuring (around Australia) I was sending postcards off every week but with several continents and some oceans between me and home, this avenue is looking kinda practical.
Connemara, Ireland (taken 2016)

Big posts to come when I'm finishing up in a country I've since decided, and to end these words on what I consider to be THE BIGGEST HIGHLIGHT, the ten days I've spent in this corner of the world are feeling like twenty!

Never underestimate a few moments spent across the sea people. DON'T! They could be an eternity.  

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