Monday, 25 January 2016

Foreign Land

This is one post worth remembering. I want to start things off with the William Blake quote 'I have conversed with the spiritual sun. I saw him on Primrose Hill' for reasons I'm still sketchy about, and I just want to add that this is the first of my posts to be written and 'internetted' outside of Australia. Am I chuffed about it? Of course!
London, England (taken 2016)

Whilst this isn't a rant about location, I'll add that it does lean towards a special kind of achievement; something far more personal. I am channeling a lot of Never Ending Footsteps right now. Presently I'm in London, commencing an eight week experience around western Europe and Morocco and I want to share with the many that I've never been in a better state of mind.

Ups and downs are always a given for anyone with a passport. My flight out of Melbourne was delayed by three hours and my chosen hostel is anything BUT a hostel. Both legs have been aching up a storm on a daily basis (nomadic side effect) and for some reason I brought this really messed up shampoo. Some serious and trivial bits there. With all of that ranted about though, everything else has been absolutely amazing!

I gave myself three days to get things rolling in London. Those three days now feels like a week. Plenty has been achieved for myself and for others (I have a 'travel for those who can't complex'), but one thing about this trip that I want to share is the total lack of anxiety I'm rocking.
Primrose Hill, London, England (taken 2016)

Opportunities for that hateful creature to rear its head have come and gone. When I was going through the departure gates back in Melbourne (my beautiful niece kept a smile fixed on my face), when I was flying (Omani mountains are a wonderful site to look down upon) and especially when I was walking out of Paddington Station for the first time. Right now I'm most certainly going through a very special thing.

Overall, what I wanted to share is my joy! Worded through out January 26th (first in a little Italian cafe and then in some British Museum featuring a Rosetta Stone), my excitement at kicking my anxiety (hopefully for good) and especially at this pivotal stage of my journey I've titled The Dorito Tour on the Facebook has been all to welcomed.

All of this, I want it to last! Many more big steps are to come, such as crossing language barriers and entering environments so very different to what I'm accustomed to, but am I pumped to keep sharing. HELL YEAH!
London, England (taken 2016)

Happy travels kiddies and all the best! 

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