Sunday, 13 March 2016


So here we are on the last postcard. These have been a memorable eightish weeks, I will say, and so I'll start off with two bits of writings. The first is a quote (yep, another one) from French author Andre Gide.

'Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.'

I guess in this context I'm the dude out on the water. Fortunately my hydrophobia is non existant these days. The second bit I'll bring to the page is, considering the places I've seen with my own eyes in the past twoish months, all I can really add is, 'DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!'
Stonehenge, England (taken 2016)

I'm back in London now, sitting in the hostel communal area where the WiFi is strong, listening to some good tunes and eating raspberries I bought off a Nigerian at Tesco who wasn't afraid to condemn working on Sundays. I gave myself two full days here in England and I'm wishing for more. I plan things out badly sometimes.

First I want to say that my faith in the London accommodation scene has been restored in full. I think this had a lot to do with the YHA having a reception desk and the right idea about cleaning the place up each and every day. The hostel is also very close to Primrose Hill which I'll sit upon for my final sunrise in this city I like TOO much. Amsterdam will probably call me a whore for saying this but MEH!
Bath, England (taken 2016)

Judging from the pictures I'm posting you've (good reader) already figured I hit both Stonehenge and Bath in my brief time here. I convinced myself that the weather would be more merciful if I went in March when Spring was rearing its flowery head. Adding now that I'm glad I did. It was an amazing and unregrettable way to end my journey.

Add to that, I met some Aussies, dude of which had the same surname as myself. Definitely surprising. Things got a little spooky when his partner mentioned MY sister by name (they used to work together) which made me realise we'd been in the same room as each other. The world is shrinkin!
London, England (taken 2016)

Then there's the last full city day to bring up which I'm more than happy to do. For ages I've imagined how this mellow or lazy or productive day would play out. Would it be a mix of all three? Would something random take place which would call for my embassy's involvement? Blipped if I know.

I caught the big red bus for the first time and did a lap of the city with the Underground and my feet getting me from A to B. They didn't hurt at all so thank **** for that! Fish and chips were had and a trip to the Sherlock Holmes Museum was taken. A few treats for myself and the little people who call me uncle were purchased as well. For those wondering flashy London train stations are a promising source of expensive souvenirs.
London, England (taken 2016)

Yeah, things have been el grande and I couldn't be more happy with myself. This little Dorito Tour, of which I titled because the route (if you draw it up on a map) resembles an upside down corn chip, has amazed and thrilled and surprised and even pissed me off... will go down as one of THE best decisions I ever made and worked for. The full year of chlorine on my skin has paid off so YEAH!!!

Two months rocking a backpack was a big ask and it most definitely brought out the worst in me (having two Spanish anxiety attacks is something I won't wish on anyone), but also my optimistic side. When in doubt of the steps I was going to take I reminded myself of what I'd find on the other end. Who I'll meet. I've met some amazing people and caught up with some I haven't seen in so long. They brought the positivos (except for those people) and I couldn't be more grateful. This post is for them!

For almost a month or so now I've told myself that I'll never spend an extended amount of time outside of Australia again; there's so much attached that I just don't want to deal with like bank shit and the Portuguese demanding to know why I'm not going to Portugal (seriously!) This I didn't promise to myself because those little things have a tendancy to shatter.
The Next Adventure (taken 2016)

Just in case you can't read my handwriting...

NEXT TIME (2018)
Berlin, Germany (Black Forest, LISA!!!)
The Netherlands (Cathy, Dennis and kids, Amsterdam, everywhere I didn't see last time)
Belgium (Yann and Sandra, hopefully!!!)
England (places and awesome people)
Scotland (because I can!!!)
Iceland (the Riley Blue spots, Northern Lights and others)

Anything in brackets are a priority, and for those curious I'm more than happy to repeat things in a European winter. Berlin will be the first stop considering I've been kicking myself for not doing it this time. I'm fun like that... and mental. I hope you've enjoyed these words on location... as have I... and I look forward to doing again.



  1. I really enjoyed this " Shoreline" adventure.
    Since I started reading your experiences in this "Dorito tour" I was wondering the meaning of this title. Now I have it very clear.

  2. No one asked me at all why I gave it this title. I'm happy with the reactions so far.