Sunday, 20 March 2016

This Is A Cloud

For a long time I've had a fascination with clouds which I think childhood wonder had something to do with. It's a humbled and harmless fascination so by all means tell the kids about it later. Yes, I love staring up at the sky and watching the clouds. I call this 'clouding' which is a word you're most welcome to start using. Words are for all, just like the grapes at the supermarket.
Moroccan Sky (taken 2016)

A few little things to share for the sake of keeping the paragraphs coming. Nexts to the fluffy buggers themselves I'm a massive fan of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (the Wachowski and Twyker adaptation is a favourite of mine) and the Greek myth of cloud nymphs; I've crossed paths with the story of Nephele since the childhood and it's a good one about a mother reuniting with her child. Judging from this you're probably guessing what the theme I'm going with is. Well I'll add that this blog I write and love, The Sheep Was Here, is a cloud. Funny, right?

I was sitting on the Roman Bridge in Cordoba, Spain in February past. My Samsung in one hand and a pistachio ice cream in the other, I was staring up from that bridge at the fluffy buggers in the sky. It was sunset, everyone was out and it was the most natural experience I'd had since arriving in Spain. Couldn't argue. There I was clouding; watching the shapes formed and shades taken before night overtook and it was el grande. Like always it was an ordinary means for me to pass the time... but one where I realised the most obvious of things. Regardless of the forms and shades taken they, the clouds, will always be what they are.

And this is where I keep you on track with what I'm ranting about. I've been blogging with this kind of enthusiasm for over a year now. I enjoy this hobby of mine immensely, I value how it's kept my quill going and I know there are those who enjoy reading it. Outside of my own people the Americans have a foothold, the Russians will spike with thirty views an hour every once in a while and very recently Italy has reared some very curious heads. Short of Antarctica I've had views from every continent.
Spanish Sky (taken 2016)

What I will add is that my blog lacks consistency in its content. An obvious given. Sometimes it'll be my humbled opinion or some fiction; maybe a bit of art work. In more than one case I might've come off as a little bit 'advertisy' about the places I've been. That certainly was an objective back in the beginning but I've since come to realise (the obvious, yes, again) that I'm not an advertiser. I'm a storyteller. Ava Duvernay said that to the critics. I do what I do because I want to share my words and not sell tickets. The Sheep Was Here is becoming less Never Ending Footsteps and more This Battered Suitcase.  

Until this post my blog has been a cloud but that's now a thing of the past. The change is happening. You'll still find stories about this Sheep out in the big and wide. You'll read about me at my best and at my worst; at my most rewarding and embarrassing (there's a Madrid tale to share). How the places visited inspired me will most definitely be explored. If it's just yarns you want, this is the page to come back to.

Like the clouds above the forms will still be taken but I'll no longer be adding the business touch that appeared in the beginning. It's gone for good! Hell I'm kinda happy about not having to load up on links each time I post one of these things. Fist to the air kiddies. Raise it high.
Australian Sky (taken 2016)

And with that proclaimed on the internet, let's keep going.           

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