Sunday, 5 February 2017


Well look at that, I’ve been quiet since October.

Taken 2016.

To all of those who were relishing in my silence, I’m sorry, but now it’s time to get active again. I’m still here and I’ve decided to be as loud as ever. A male model in Manchester will tell you what that shit’s like, and if anyone does have a problemo, please feel free to go hashtag it.

It’s 2017 and I’m not working as much as I’d like to now; sure, I love to keep busy, even if that includes occupational labour, but there’s a very god reason. Life is going in a different direction for me and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m going back to school!

For those of you who don’t know, which most certainly includes the one hundred plus UAE viewers who flooded bloggie last month – THANK YOU by the way – I spent the better part of 2016 getting my name down for a diploma course in Travel and Tourism here in the weather famous Melbourne. It’s currently a grey and rainy summer at the moment.

Well, your good Sheep accepted the placement he was offered, attended an interview (in which he believed he’d be convincing the school to offer him said placement) and filled out a lot of paperwork which ultimately said that he’d be starting said course next Monday (the 13th of February) in a campus that’ll take me over an hour to get to by bus because I’ve always chosen to spend my money on plane tickets.

To say that I’m happy is kind of an understatement.

Things haven’t been the easiest in recent years. Yes, I’ve ticked off eight foreign countries (apologies UAE but you were only a layover between Melbourne and London) but there comes a point where I’d love to move out, get a place of my own and rent it out whilst I’m legging it on some other continent with a backpack weighing me down.

For all of that to happen, your good Sheep needs a career.

What that’ll be, though, I’m not entirely sure at this moment in time. Options are going to be presented come the end of ’17 but there’s no harm in helping them take shape, right? That’s where bloggie steps in and says ‘Hey y’all!’

Lauren Juliffe off Never Ending Footsteps fame had something to do with this post. I was peeking at her blog the other day and she revealed that most of her writing jobs come up because publications like her portfolio – this I can’t help but agree with WHOLE HEARTEDLY!

Whilst I can say that I haven’t consciously been keeping a folio in check, I can’t also help but think - Could bloggie fill that description?

The good teachers I’m to have, come next Monday suggested that I could use my Professional Writing and Editing Diploma for good instead of evil. I’m inclined to like their opinion. So, this is where I come to another point, which may have been pointed out once or twice before so apologitos for any repetition.

Bloggie has always been a means to keep my quill going – writing means so much to me - and while I may have been tardy in getting some words out in the past few months I may have to take a bit of a step back in this coming year.

School’s gotta come first and I made a conscious decision to own the damn course and get somewhere with it. #SORRYNOTSORRY

Whilst that is the case, I will be getting some words down but not as consistently; starting to feel like a hypocrite right now actually. I’ve decided to follow the lead of my friend, the vlogger of Annetdotal, who only posts when she’s got something worth talking about. In other words, and take note of this George R.R. Martin, quality over quantity!

So that’s it, really.

I’m stepping in a different direction this year which I hope will take me very far. I won’t be able to use the passport (insert a hybrid angry/sad face here) but I can’t help but convince myself that come 2018, it’ll have many more stamps gracing its bare pages.

For those of you who’re interested my current ‘wants of adventure’ include Oman (a road trip I’d love to convince somebody to join me on), a return trip to Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam (those two MUST happen together), Tanzania (I’m willing to break my ‘no more tours’ rule for this one) and some southern African countries which have claimed my interest.

Taken 2016.

Until then, happy and safe travels…

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