Thursday, 3 September 2015

So It's Been A Year...

Currently sitting on 2558 views from all over (less than half of which are my own), I find myself thinking of those times I see a lady friend or relative who is expecting a child. You see them at the start of the pregnancy, don't see them for the full nine months and then get word that the kids has come out; it feels like the time has flown by. I say this because it describes my reaction to my learning that it's now been a year (according to that 'On This Day' app thingy on the Facebook) that The Sheep Was Here first hit the blog circuit.

Am I pleased? The answer most certainly is yes, in part because I've got something to write about (another travel post is on the way), but mostly because I never gave this whole travel writing idea the flick whatsoever.

White Haven Beach, Queensland (taken 2011) 

Just a few fresh reminders, this little exercise started following a food court discussion (most of said discussion's content will remain in my head for the sake of the children) with a friend who I will forever be indebted to, as well as the others who told me of what kind of good a blog could do for its writer. Blogging about the travels was not just a means to share my stories, but also to keep my love of writing alive.

It was always the dream to be a novelist but in this age it's become more and more difficult to get the stories out to the people. One day I hope to have my madness printed in book form, with my name on the cover and mugshot no where to be seen, but until that said day I'll be happy with what I'm doing now.

In the last twelve months I've racked up views from across the world (Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Iraq, Fiji, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Poland, the Netherlands, the Ukraine, France, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Romania and all the others that I apologetically can't remember) which has left me pretty besh on the subject. To all of those who I nagged to have a peek, and those who found this assortment of big and fancy words during your stints in cyberspace, I thank you with some big hairy arms.

Add to that, there are a few highlights that came my way; the first being when I was asked to contribute my post about the Royal Melbourne Zoo to the St. Kilda News (Zu Dayz, for anyone needing another reminder) and when the writer of Never Ending Footsteps, Lauren Juliff, sent me some much appreciated advice and big words meaning 'good' and 'nice'.

Another much thought about highlight was the single 'on the blog' comment from 42 Pounds (that's the name that was listed) about my thoughts on the home city of Melbourne; I've most favourably taken to heart 42 Pounds' envy of my seeing Joss Whedon speak in public. That said, more comments are most welcome.

These little travel stories, a collection of once rusty messes that have since changed over time, and all of those one off posts (when the 1000th view was recorded and when I started writing about the overseas locations I've visited) are still in the making so I invite you to keep reading. All of this was about inspiring people to take their own steps out into the world, which I still intend to do (two continents are in my sights for 2016), because who really wants to stick around in the same fish pond?

The Next Odyssey (taken 2015)

Thank you for the views. Thank you for the kind words, of which there have been many. I look forward to sharing more of my stories with you. Peace.  

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